As a contract manufacturer, TEG produces cuts of raw materials for customers from all over the world using technically advanced and automated die-cutting processes.

Our goal is to produce blanks that meet the highest quality requirements for customers in a short time using automated punching processes in contract manufacturing. Our technical know-how enables us to produce die cut parts of up to 2200x1600mm with a maximum die cutting pressure of 300 tons.

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Advantages of Die cutting

In order to produce personalized cuts of the highest quality as a contract manufacturer, we at TEG manufacture in-house the exact die-cutting tools that allow us to meet each customer’s individual requirements in the best possible way.

This highly flexible and customer-oriented approach enables us to guarantee exact reproducibility of all cut parts. We also have expertise in Kiss-Cut Die Cutting for special demands.

But why actually die cutting? Our die-cutting processes offer many advantages over other cutting techniques:

  • Significantly faster production
  • Low tolerance due to fixed tools
  • Long service life of the punching tool
  • Simultaneous punching of several layers
  • Suitable for nonwoven materials (due to hot air pre-treatments)

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ApPlication areas of Die Cutting

Our proven automated die-cutting processes are particularly well suited for materials such as non-woven fabric, self-adhesive materials, foams, rubber, artificial leather and other voluminous materials.

Therefore many customers from all over the world have relied on TEG for contract manufacturing for many years. Thanks to many successful projects, we have a wide range of experience in fully automated die cutting processes.

Popular application areas where our reliable automated stamping methods are used include:

  • Filter components
  • Leatherette blanks
  • Blanks for vacuum cleaner bags
  • Acoustic die cut parts
  • Foam blanks


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