Automated Sewing

TEG is your partner for automated sewing. We not only sew your product with our advanced and proven automatic sewing machines, we also advise you on product development, market analysis as well as storage and worldwide shipping. As an expert in contract manufacturing, TEG sews components for customers from all over the world using specialized computer-controlled sewing machines. Our sewing fields cover a size from 100x100mm up to 1000x600mm.

Automated sewing in Contract manufacturing

Many companies that rely on textile components often do not have sufficient resources for in-house production. Particularly in the case of small quantities or constantly changing products, TEG as a full-service provider with automated production processes helps companies to process sewing orders quickly, flexibly and reliably.

In doing so, we develop an individual, automated and reproducible sewing process for the production of components.

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Areas of application for our automated sewing machines

Since 2014, we have been producing components for customers from all over the world with our advanced automated sewing machines. Our focus is on the automotive and interior sectors

As we have already successfully completed numerous individual customer projects, we have a wide range of machines and technologies – and expertise in a wide variety of product groups! What sets us apart is our consistently high quality through automated processes.

As a contract manufacturer, we produce fully automated, among other things:

  • Trim components
  • Seat covers
  • Arm rests
  • Air Bag catch straps
  • Belt assemblies
  • Door trim
  • Battery retaining straps

Advantages of Automated Sewing Processes

Thanks to our technical edge, as a full-service provider we offer every customer the opportunity to have components produced cheaply and efficiently by our automated sewing processes – and ultimately to sell them at guaranteed competitive final prices.

We guarantee consistently high quality standards through the strictest standards of quality management and final inspection of all components (upon request).

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Sewing with rotary swivel machines for best results

We sew with rotating head machines on request.

Due to its rotation in the sewing direction, the rotary swivel machine is particularly suitable for high-quality seams. Our customers often ask for this sewing technique, especially in the interior sector.