Founded by a young entrepreneur who grew up in the center of the traditional German textile industry, TEG evolved from a small sewing factory to a state-of-the-art contract manufacturer for technical textiles. With our goods – 100% “Made in Germany” – we supply convinced customers all over the world.

ISO 9001:2015

Our vision

TEG lives the combination of joy in technical progress and appreciation for traditional craftsmanship.

As a contract manufacturer with a classic sewing shop, we aim to reliably and flexibly produce technical textiles of the highest quality – “Made in Germany” – for companies from all over the world.

Tradition And Innovation

Even today, we know that the human hand is indispensable in many sewing processes. That is why we have dozens of seamstresses and sewers in house.

We want to preserve the highly developed textile culture “Made in Germany” in the Vogtland region in Saxony and proudly export our products all over the world.


Expansion: CNC cutting


Certification according to ISO 9001 


Opening of a second plant in Heinsdorfergrund, Saxony


Shortly after our foundation, many customers noticed the high quality of TEG goods. TEG developed from a classic workshop for seamstresses and sewers into a state-of-the-art contract manufacturer. Since then, the talented hands of our seamstresses and sewers have been working side by side with our fully automated sewing machines.

In particular, large orders from well-known automotive manufacturers enabled new investments in production processes such as punching and laser cutting.

FIT For the furture

Due to the trust of our customers and the growth in orders, we relocated our headquarters with our entire production to Heinsdorfergrund in the Vogtland region of Saxony in 2019.

With our 70 specialists and experts, we are a permanent fixture in one of Germany’s leading textile regions. What started as a small sewing workshop developed into one of the most technologically advanced contract manufacturers for technical textiles worldwide.

What has been the number one success factor? The loyal employees at TEG. Only with a strong team of seamstresses and technical experts working hand in hand could the TEG success story become possible at all.

We look forward to the future with excitement and are ready for many more years of TEG textile quality “Made in Germany”.

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Relocation of headquarters and entire production to Heinsdorfergrund, Saxony.


Expansion of the machine park with automatic sewing machines and punching machines


Start of production of medical textiles in new clean rooms


Contract Manufacturer for Technical Textiles


Contract Manufacturer for Medical Textiles


Development and Adaption of Processes

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