sewing manually

TEG has a reliable team of qualified sewing specialists who expertly implement individual customer requests by hand with the highest precision. For three-dimensional geometries or specific seam requirements, our professional sewing team already produces various components manually daily.

Why sewing manually?

Despite our technological lead in the field of automated sewing, we rely on our valued and proven team of qualified seamstresses and sewers for many customer requests.

The expertise of our sewing experts allows us to meet even the most challenging customer requests flexibly, quickly and reliably.

As a full-service provider we know: There will continue to be sewing jobs that are best fulfilled by the conscientious human hand. We are proud to combine state-of-the-art technology and classic craftsmanship under one roof.

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Components per Year


Different Sewing Machines


Experts and Specialists

Flexibility for customer requirements

Our specialists have often enabled us to meet special customer requirements in contract manufacturing. The impressive variety of product groups illustrates why we continue to rely on manual sewing for certain orders.

  • Webbing assemblies
  • High-quality visible components
  • Filter hoods
  • Laundry nets
  • Edgings
  • Heat protection components
  • Surgical covers
  • Artificial seams
  • Door panels
  • Belt straps

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one step further – individual sewing machines to suit every order

High demands are placed on contract manufacturers. We are used to meeting the highest quality standards – even for special orders. To meet these demands, we go one step further and develop and produce specific individual sewing machines.

  • Sewing machines with edge trimmer for stub seams
  • Heavy overlock sewing machines for industrial parts
  • Roller presser sewing machines for difficult-to-sew component shapes
  • Two-needle sewing machines with center ruler for decorative seams

Area of Application for manual sewing

Since the company was founded, we have also consciously relied on our expertise in manual sewing. Our wide range of machines enables our sewing experts to sew technical textiles across all industries. We have particularly extensive experience in the following industries:

  • Automotive
  • Filtration
  • Industry
  • Interior
  • Medical