As a contract manufacturer, TEG produces blanks from wide raw materials into narrow strips using several technically advanced and automated strip cutting processes – for customers from all over the world.

Our goal is to produce cuts that meet the highest quality requirements quickly and flexibly for customers using automated strip cutting processes in contract manufacturing. Through our highly developed rewind cutting systems, cut-to-length machines and rewinding machines, we process almost any material in almost any quantity in a targeted and successful manner – completely individually according to customer requirements.


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adavantages of strip cutting

Strip cutting is a process in which wide raw materials are cut into narrow strips. As a contract manufacturer, we have expertise and the ability to rely on several variants of strip cutting to produce individual cutting of the best quality for each customer.

Our technological lead in the automation of strip cutting processes enables exact reproducibility of blanks. In general, strip cutting offers many advantages over other cutting techniques:

  • Flexible cutting through individual knife settings
  • Cutting of rolls by using powered circular knives
  • Cutting by means of knives in rewind cut (mangle)
  • Strip cutting possible from just one roll

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Process of strip cutting

Rewind cut

  • Cutting from 15 mm
  • Max. capacity 50 strips per cut
  • Max. raw material width 1800mm
  • Max. reel diameter 1000mm


  • Up to 30m per minute
  • Max. reel width 1200mm
  • Max. reel diameter 800mm
  • Connecting strips through ultrasonic welding or stitching machine
  • Rewinding pf single reels and strips onto large cross-wound reels possible – for a longer operating length


  • Cutting width from a few millimeters
  • Max. raw material width 1600mm
  • Max. reel diameter 490mm
  • Any number of belts per cut possible

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Application Areas for strip cutting

Our proven strip cutting techniques are particularly popular with customers in the automotive, medical and filtration industries.

Many companies from all over the world have been relying on TEG for contract manufacturing of strip cuts for many years. Thanks to many projects, we have a wide range of experience and expert knowledge of various methods and procedures of strip cutting.


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